PhD. Daniel Adrover collaborates in the book “Neuropsychology of the prefrontal cortex and the executive functions”

The prefrontal cortex is the region in the brain located at the anterior part of the frontal lobes, and it is mainly in charge of the so-named executive functions. These functions, generally speaking, allow us to coordinate our own thoughts and actions with our internal goals.

Given that a great amount of knowledge has been accumulated on this topic in the last few decades, this book has been divided into four blocks so that the information is better organized for the reader. The first one introduces the basic concepts that allow the understanding of the different theoretical models on the prefrontal cortex and the executive functions. The second one depicts the existant relation among executive functions and other cognitive processes; it is in this section where Daniel’s chapter “Neuropsychology of social cognition and self-awareness” is included. The following block describes the symptomatology of executive dysfunction in different clinical disorders. Finally, the last block highlights the relevance that executive functions have on daily life, and also introduces the rehabilitation techniques used in patients with executive dysfunction.

This collaboration work makes up the most extent compendium of knowledge in Spanish on the prefrontal cortex and the executive functions. Due to the vast quantity of information included in it, this book is aimed for beginners as well as for experts that want to get updated on the field’s advances.

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