PhD. Daniel Adrover participates in the book “Aspects of Multilingual Aphasia”

Publication edited in English by Martin R. Gitterman, Mira Goral and Loraine K. Obler, all experts in neurolinguistics, plurilignuism and aphasia. This book summarizes the findings of the scientific research on cases of aphasia in people who speak more than one language. The vast majority of research on this pathology has been traditionally centred on the analysis of the unique or main language of patients. However, the increasing number of multilingual people in the world generates the necessity to adapt the evaluation and treatment techniques to aphasia cases where patients speak more than one language. It is for this reason that this book becomes a relevant asset for both the research and clinical field.

In the chapter written by Daniel Adrover, together with other collaborators, a reflexion is made on the factors that different studies suggest that could affect the recovery process on bilingual patients. This is followed by some proposals, based on the results of these studies, on how to adapt treatment strategies to these kind of patients. This chapter concludes with some ideas on the direction that future research should follow so that new evaluation methods, and therapeutic techniques, become adapted to the profile and needs of multilingual aphasic patients.

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