Talking about Bullying at the 25th ‘Jornadas de Psicología’ (Psychology days) at the University of the Balearic Islands

Last week the 25th ‘Jornadas de Psicología’ (Psychology days) took place at the University of the Balearic Islands organized by the Students Representatives from the Psychology Degree. During this past week psychology students (mainly, but the inscriptions were open to everybody), could join the conferences talking about different areas in which psychology is present.

Psychology days’ schedule

Our colleague Mario Valera, from the I+DEL team, organized a workshop talking about bullying: ‘Bullying: intervention ideas’. During this workshop, the students could explore at a deeper level such a current phenomenon widely spread, especially at a high-school level. Besides, Mario offered different techniques for its detection and shared the different available options for its intervention either at school or in a more individualized way. Finally, the participants could apply the different techniques explained during the session in the development of two different and real cases that Mario shared during the second part of the workshop.