I+DEL cooperates with Effetah, a center for kids with hearing deficit in Tangier (Morocco)

During these past three years some I+DEL members have participated in a series of cooperation projects with Effetah, a school for boys and girls with hearing deficit. These projects have been sponsored by the Office for Development Cooperation & Solidarity from the University of Balearic Islands and the Cooperation Directorate-General from the Balearic Islands Government. The main goals for this cooperation are focused in the teachers training and to provide Effetah with IT material, such as tablets.

Regarding training, the team members have taught a series of seminars focused in different aspects among theory and practice, always trying to encourage participation and learning by projects. During these seminars they have talked about different aspects related to teaching such as, learning by discovery, cooperative learning and multiple intelligence always trying to foster a new teaching-learning method in school.

Effetah in Tanger (Morocco)

Our second main goal was related to IT material. For this purpose with have been trying to encourage this new change giving Effetah up to 20 tablets as a complementary tool for teaching and learning.

Last but not least, this group has been working closely with the Math & IT department at the University of the Balearic Islands, professors from San Buenaventura de Cali University (Colombia) and different students from the UIB university who have been doing their internship at the Effetah center. These different partners have helped and worked together in order to set up and optimize and application specially developed for training kids with cochlear implant into being able to discriminate phonemes.

This collaboration project still works and it is set to keep being done for at least the next academic year 2018/19.