We assist at the IX International Congress of Psychology and Education in Logroño

On June 21st, 4 I+DEL members participated in a Symposium at the IX International Congress of Psychology and Education held in Logroño (La Rioja), in the northern part of Spain.

This IX congress was focused in Psychology, Education and Neuroscience in order to help build new bridges for human development. Our colleagues participated in a symposium focused in socioemotional adaptation and bullying in students with language difficulties and communication. This symposium was organized in different work lines about language difficulties, inclusive school and socioemotional competences which goes to a main goal: the socioemotional adaptation study in the school context for students that present langue and/or communication difficulties. With this objective in mind, different experiences with the evaluation in children, preadolescents, adolescents and adults of their social and emotional abilities, as well as bullying suffering we put in common.

At this symposium our colleague Sureda talked about the Socioemotional Behaviour of Students with Specific Educative Support Needs. After her, Alberto Sánchez-Pedroche focused on the Implications of the inclusion of Asperger Syndrome on Bullying Prevention from a Docent Perspective. Thirdly, it was Àngels Esteller-Cano who talked about the Social Abilities of Preadolescents with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). Finally, Mario Valera exposed the results of his studies on Bullying prevalence in Adolescents with Developmental Language Disorder and Retrospective study with university students on the effects of Bullying in scholar ages.

If you are interested in a more detailed lecture you can find all the studies presented at the symposium here.