We attend the 8th Teaching Innovation Congress organized by San Jorge University in Zaragoza

On June, 28th & 29th we went to 8th Teaching Innovation Congress in Zaragoza. These sessions are a space for learning and interchanging ideas about education, learning and innovation. These days are focused on the fact that an education practice is innovative when it is considered in a design change, after being considered under a positive impact for the student learning process, the teacher’s task and other agent that intervene in the teaching-learning task.

Lucía Buil, I+DEL member, assisted with the main goal of presenting a poster gathering the investigation results based on a project evaluation tutorships among equals from Primary Education’s second and third grade. The student from the 3rd grade mentored the second year students in a complementary activity.

While presenting the poster Lucia had the opportunity to attend different conferences and talks related to teaching innovation. If you are interested in learning a bit more about these sessions you can check their website here.