New UIB titulation: University Specialist on Audition and Language (30 ECTS)

From I+DEL we have created a new specialization centred on Audition and Language. This new course emerges with the general aim of educating new specialists in this area. Currently, many centres are in need of such professionals so that they can properly attend to the educational needs of all alumni in a normalized way.

Students with language disorders usually need more help and adaptations of the material so they can accomplish the same goals as their peers. Therefore, these students could specially benefit from the presence of such specialists at their schools, who could also help the teachers with the material adaptations that could be required. Within this context we have configured this course so that students applying acquire the knowledge needed to fulfil this role.

This new specialization has been created for graduates in Primary Education, Pre-school Education, Psychology, Pedagogy, Psychopedagogy and Nursery.

You can find all the information about the course, and download a voucher, in this link. If you want to sign up to this course click here.