#CongrésTéNomDeDona Women researchers at the Balearic Islands University

On december 12th, the Balearic Islands University has honored the women doing research at the university, considering their important role in science. #CongrésTéNomDeDona (Congress is a woman’s name) campaign talks about considering women highly than it has been done.

This project has been developed around two different but complementary things. First of all, there’s a 2019 calendar ilustrated with these women (one for each month). Secondly, we can find a website where we can get into deeper knowledge about this gender-science concept. These 12 research women are working in different knowledge areas and they are linked to UIB, giving them the local honor they deserve.

Eva Aguilar, I+DEL member, takes part in this project and we can find her in the calendar in January. Besides, you can broaden your information about her career here. Also, you can read an interview (in catalan) that was done for this project.