And what about romance languages? Atypical language development in languages coming from latin.

We present a manual edited by Eva Aguilar, Lucía Buil, Raül López, Víctor Sánchez and Daniel Adrover, all members of the I+DEL research group, and published by the renowned editorial John Benjamins. In this book we find the results of studies, carried out with children speaking romance languages, on the four main causes of atypical language development: preterm birth, hearing loss, Specific Language Disorder and genetic syndromes.

This is a necessary book for both the research and the educational field. The reason is that even though the amount of scientific research on typical language development does not stop increasing, there is still not enough studies on atypical language development, specially with romance languages. That is why this book aims to act as a specific guide for professionals working with children with atypical language development that speak a romance language, but also for the necessary future research with this linguistic population.

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