We present three volumes on the language difficulties that may accompany different developmental disorders.

PhD. Eva Aguilar Mediavilla and PhD. Alfonso Igualada Pérez edit the book “Dificultades del lenguaje en los trastornos del desarrollo” which compiles within three volumes the current knowledge on the different disorders that are associated in a secondary or comorbid way to a language disorder, as well as the specifications for its evaluation and treatment. The first volume addresses the relation between language disorders and sensorial difficulties, acquired brain damage and cerebral palsy; the second volume addresses on one hand the genetic syndromes, such as Down’s Syndrome, and on the other the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The third volume focuses on the risk factors that may generate linguistic difficulties, such as prematurity or socioemotional factors, also it addresses the neurodvelopmental disorders that can appear together with developmental language disorder.

These three books follow, whilst analysing, the classification of the CATALISE project, an international initiative aimed at generating consensus on the terminology, and diagnostic criteria of language difficulties in order to advance in research and clinical practice within this field.

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