I+DEL participates in the Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference

Last 27th of June 2019 Víctor Sánchez presented the results of an investigation carried out by the I+DEL research group at the Experimental Psycholinguistics Conference, held at Palma de Mallorca. This conference has the aim of gathering professionals interested in language processesing and disorders, while encouraging the usage of new experimental methodologies that would allow advancing within this field of knowledge.

The study presented by Víctor compared the executive skills of bilingual and monolingual children. The results showed that while bilingual children were more accurate in executive control tasks, the reaction time of monolingual children varied in a lesser measure as result of interference effects along these executive tasks. The possibility that these results indicate a differential distribution of executive control resources among bilingual and monolingual children was discussed in the conference.

For more information on the conference and the topics that were discussed you can access here to the official page.