From a static to a dynamic point of view on language difficulties: implications of a conceptual shift

The research group I+DEL, from the Balearic Islands University, publishes an article on the implications of a conceptual shift that has taken place on language disorders in childhood. This article, published in Llengua, Societat i Comunicació , a scientific magazine of the University of Barcelona, goes through the evolution of the concept before called Specific Language Impairment (SLI), now denominated Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). This conceptual shift has taken place thanks to the evidence collected through several research projects, which suggests that language difficulties rather than appearing isolated, they appear related to other cognitive difficulties along children’s development. Within this article the authors explain why this conceptual shift has taken place, as well as the implications it has on diagnostic criteria and on the interventions required when these difficulties appear. Thanks to the advances on this field it is hoped that less children with language difficulties will remain unnoticed from now on.

For more information you can acces to the full article, available on the magazine’s webpage.