English translation of “Little by little”, a collection of progressive reading tales

Little by little is a didactic collection of twenty-one tales that, throughout different stories, intends to accompany children in the learning process of reading. The author, Ramón Bassa i Martín, organizes the content in such a manner that as difficulty progressively increases the learning of children is reinforced, and the different graphical symbols of the written language become mastered. All this is complemented with Sandra Aguilar’s illustrations, which work as links between what children see and what they read; this facilitates the comprehension while acting as a motivating element. Stimulation in early ages promotes and strengthens children’s development and learning, this collection of tales aims to do so while fostering the pleasure for lecture in young children.

After the success of the Spanish and Catalan editions, the full collection has been adapted and translated to English. This collection, now available in three languages, can be used as reading learning material in schools but also at home. You can find the complete collection in all three languages by clicking in the following links: