Links and software

Here is a list of some software tools we use for our research:

Biopac (Hardware commonly used in health sciences, which allows the simultaneous acquisition of different types of pyschophysiological data during an experiment).

AcqKnowledge (Software used to acquire, transform and analyse complex psychophysiological data while participants undergo an experiment. Requires license).

Cedrus (Hardware material used for the  precise acquisition of data in a synchronized way with a computerised experimental task).

Eprime (requires license. An excellent sotware for stimulus presentation)

Gazepoint (Eye-tracking system to explore the movements of the eyes. Requires license)

Opensesame (program to create experiments for psychology, neuroscience, and experimental economics)

Dmdx (a free display software to program behavioral experiments collecting reaction times and accuracy scores. It was programmed by Dr. Forster at the Univesity of Arizona)

PEBL (Psychology Experiments Building Language). This is a free software to create psychology experiments.

STOP-IT (a task to explore response inhibition developed by Dr. Verbruggen at Exeter University)

CHILDES (Child Database Exchange System)

CLAN (software to analyze children’s utterances)

Speech and Language Pathology

IRIE (Institut de Recerca i Innovació Educativa)

ATELBA (Asociación Española del Trastorno Específico del Lenguaje de las Islas Baleares)

ATELMA  (Asociación Española del Trastorno Específico del Lenguaje de Madrid)

CLIB (Colegio de Logopedas de las Islas Baleares)

AELFA (Asociación Española de Logopedia, Foniatría y Audiología)

AEAL (Asociación para el Estudio de la Adquisición del Lenguaje)

OUANE (Oficina Universitaria de Atención a las personas con Necesidades Especiales)

AREHA (Protocolo para el Análisis del Retraso del Habla)

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