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New paper validating the Spanish adaptation of CBVS-R

This week, an article by the I+DELab research group has been published in the journal Psicothema, entitled “California Bullying Victimization Scale-Retrospective (CBVS-R): Validation of the Spanish Adaptation”.

In this article, the retrospective version of the Californa Bullying Victimization Scale (CBVS-R) was translated and adapted into Spanish, a self-report scale specifically designed to assess, in adults, bullying experienced throughout their academic career. The CBVS-R was administered to a large sample of Spanish adults, observing the highest values ​​of victimization around adolescence; the most frequent behaviour was being teased or called names. The psychometric indicators were satisfactory. In summary, the results support the usefulness and suitability of the Spanish CBVS-R as a retrospective self-report measure of bullying victimization in adults. The Spanish adaptation of the CBVS-R can be downloaded here.

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