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Media attention to our study about Cyberbullying

We are thrilled to share the resounding success and widespread attention our recent research on cyberaggressions and cyberbullying among Spanish adolescents has garnered. Made possible through the funding from El Observatorio Social of the “La Caixa” Foundation, our comprehensive study sheds light on the prevalence and repercussions of electronic aggression in the lives of young individuals.

The full article is available (in Spanish) here.

Below are some sources that have covered our study.


16/12/2023 RTVE Telediario (video excerpt in Spanish)

05/12/2023 IB3 Notícies (video excerpt in Catalan)

05/12/2023 Telemadrid Noticias (video excerpt in Spanish)

05/12/2023 Antena 3 A3N (video excerpt in Spanish)

04/12/2023 La 7 de Castilla y León Noticias (video excerpt in Spanish)

04/12/2023 Trece Noticias (video excerpt in Spanish)

04/12/2023 À punt NTC (video excerpt in Catalan)


18/01/2024 Onda Cero – Más de uno (audio in Spanish)

08/12/23 Onda cero – La brújula (audio in Spanish)

05/12/23 CADENA SER – Aquí Catalunya (audio in Catalan)

05/12/23 RAC 1 – El món a RAC1 (audio in Catalan)

05/12/23 CADENA SER – Aquí Catalunya (audio in Catalan)

04/12/23 RAC I Notícies Migdia (audio in Catalan)

04/12/23 RAC 1 – No ho sé (audio in Catalan)

Print media

(Online editions)

04/12/23 La Vanguardia (Spanish)

04/12/23 La Razón (Spanish)

04/12/23 Público (Spanish)

04/12/23 20minutos (Spanish)

04/12/23 El Correo (Spanish)

04/12/23 Voz Pópuli (Spanish)

(Printed editions)

11/12/23 Expansión

10/12/23 Abc

10/12/23 Abc (Ed. Castilla y León)

10/12/23 Abc (Ed. Aragón)

10/12/23 Abc (Ed. Córdoba)

10/12/23 Abc (Ed. Galicia)

09/12/23 La Rioja

08/12/23 El Norte de Castilla

08/12/23 El Norte de Castilla (Ed. Palencia)

08/12/23 El Norte de Castilla (Ed. Segovia)

08/12/23 Información de Alicante

08/12/23 La Nueva Crónica

07/12/23 El Punt Avui

07/12/23 La Voz de Galicia

07/12/23 Levante

07/12/23 Levante (Ed. La Ribera)

06/12/23 Las Provincias

5/12/2023 La Vanguardia

5/12/2023 La Vanguardia (Ed. Català)

5/12/2023 La Razón

5/12/2023 20 Minutos

5/12/2023 20 Minutos (Ed. Barcelona)

5/12/2023 20 Minutos (Ed. Valencia)

5/12/2023 20 Minutos (Ed. Sevilla)

5/12/2023 Diario de avisos

5/12/2023 Segre

5/12/2023 Última Hora

5/12/2023 Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera

5/12/2023 Menorca

5/12/2023 La Opinión El Correo de Zamora

5/12/2023 Canarias7

5/12/2023 El Ideal Gallego

5/12/2023 Diario de Ferrol

5/12/2023 Diario de Bergantiños

5/12/2023 Diario de Arousa

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