Research in Development, Education and Language

The primary purpose of the Development, Education, and Language Research Laboratory (I + DELab) is to promote the multidisciplinary study on psychological development in the different stages of the life cycle and the psychological aspects related to education.


Our main research goal is to explore the educational, emotional, and cognitive difficulties presented by children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Today we focus on children with Development Language Disorder (DLD), paying special attention to school bullying to determine its predictive and protective factors. We are also interested in examining how bilingualism influences language and cognition, especially our ability to manage attentional resources (executive control).


Transfer our research to society is fundamental for us, so the group will keep this website and social network sites up to date. We also promote training activities in schools, psycho-pedagogical guidance teams, early care, reference hospitals and participate in other media such as radio and television. Finally, we provide educational guidelines and acceptable practices to disperse results from our research to other institutions. We believe that the transfer of knowledge created in society is a fundamental part of the research.


We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers, professors in the Department of Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology (Faculty of Education, University of the Balearic Islands –UIB-). Our trainings include clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, psycholinguistics, psychopedagogy, speech therapy, research methods, and education. We focus on exploring the mutual influence of some linguistic, cognitive, and temperamental foundations, how they change and develop.