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New Book on Language Acquisition in Children: Latest Research and Insights

We are pleased to announce the publication of our new book on language acquisition in children, featuring the latest theoretical and empirical research on typical and atypical language development. The book presents a comprehensive overview of the factors that influence language acquisition and its association with other social or genetic variables. With contributions from multiple disciplines, including psycholinguistics, psychology, linguistics, and education, the book offers a broad perspective on the topic, drawing on studies from a range of languages and bilingual populations.

The book is now available for free at this link. We hope it will be a valuable resource for researchers, educators, and practitioners interested in child language development.


Aguilar Mediavilla, E., Pérez Pereira, M., Serrat-Sellabona, E., & Adrover-Roig, D. (Eds.). (2023). Language Development in Children: Description to Detect and Prevent Language Difficulties. MDPI.

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