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New paper about bullying and language difficulties

We recently published a new article in the International Journal of Language & Communication disorders, which you can read in full here.

In this article we evaluated a wide sample of 2259 adults who completed self-reports on their difficulties in oral language (in various aspects of expressive and receptive domains). In addition, participants also reported past experiences of bullying victimitzation throughout their schooling through the Spanish version of the California Bullying Victimization Scale – Retrospective (which you can consult and download here).

Comparative analysis among participants with language difficulties (LD) and a control group showed a higher prevalence of bullying victimization in those participants categorized in the LD group (66.4% vs. 54.2%). The rates of bullying were significantly higher in the LD group from the first cycle of Primary Education (6-9 years of age), extending to Baccalaureate (16-18 years), also observing higher rates of bullying in the University (with a tendency to significance).

In this way, this study shows the heightened risk that children and adolescents with language difficulties to suffer from bullying victimization throughout their academic life. Therefore, it highlights the need to develop a prompt prevention, detection and intervention of bullying, especially in children with language difficulties. In addition, the results also show the need to support people with language disorders in difficulties arising from bullying.

Full reference:

Esteller-Cano, A., Buil-Legaz, L., López-Penadés, R., Aguilar-Mediavilla, E., and Adrover-Roig, D. (2022). Retrospective bullying trajectories in adults with self-reported oral language difficulties.  International Journal of Language & Communication disorders.

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